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What clients are saying about VIP Computer Care…

Knowing Kevin is like having my own I.T. department. You have gone from genius to magician.
Mac User
West Hartford, CT
I have been a client of Kevin’s for 15 years. His computer knowledge and technical expertise are remarkable. I have learned so much about computers and software programs because of his excellent tutorials and patience. Kevin makes technology pleasurable by his easy going and simplified teaching style. He is a very special consultant. Someday I hope he writes a computer manual to share with us.
S. G.
Bristol, CT
Kevin is thorough, very knowledgeable, prompt, will answer any question, and a pleasure to work with.
S. S. (Mac user)
Hartford, CT
Don’t know what we would do without your computer savvy and expertise for the nearly 15 years you have been servicing our home computers. Thank you!!!!!
L. P.
Wethersfield, CT
We are not a computer savvy household, but we always know Kevin will be fair and honest, and not exploit our ignorance by doing more than what needs to be done. We’d be lost without him!
D. M.
West Hartford, CT
Kevin is a very knowledgeable & dependable person. Someone you can really trust with all your computer needs.
R. G. (Mac user, Business owner)
Columbia, CT
I was brought up in the “pre-personal computer’ era and therefore was very intimidated when we purchased our first computer almost fifteen years ago. However, due to Kevin’s guidance and patience, I now feel very comfortable using what is now our fourth home computer. Thank you Kevin!!
D. P.
Wethersfield, CT
Kevin is the best, most courteous, thoughtful, and last but not least, knowledgeable computer expert imaginable. He led me to my Mac, after I struggled with a Compaq for several years. and he is always there for me, who is anything but a technologically with-it person.
S. B. (Mac user)
West Hartford, CT
Kevin is an I.T. person who really cares about his clients and their needs. He is quick to return phone calls and is willing to tackle the smallest question to rebuilding a Mother Board!
​R. N.
West Hartford, CT
Kevin has been very helpful and patient with me, a 79 year old with limited knowledge of today’s technology. He has assisted me through home visits, e-mails, and phone calls. He is reliable and easily accessible when he is needed.
A. S.
West Hartford, CT
Kevin has helped me on 4 separate occasions. One was a bit of a major issue that even he had not seen before. He has always been able to conquer my computer problems and charged very reasonable rates. I trust Kevin completely and always call on him when an issue arises. He even loaded my iTunes onto my new computer for me.
S. M.
Cromwell, CT